Baum L. F. American Fairy Tales

Baum L. F.
   American Fairy Tales / L. F. Baum. – К. : Znannia, 2013. – 144 р. – (Сep. “Lego ergo vivo”).

Liman Frank Baum (1856-1919) was an American writer and dramatist, worldwide famous classic of children’s literature, whose books were repeatedly adapted for stage and screen and gave rise to a host of imitations and parodies. His 1901 collection  American Fairy Tales includes 12 fantasy and educative stories of which the tone of narration is more satirical and tongue-in-cheek than is usual in children’s stories. Frank Baum’s simplistic yet poetic fairy tales allow to escape from the problems of real world and to plunge into the realm of fancy, that is why they will always be enjoyable for the readers of all ages.

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